Top 5 Tips Now You’re Engaged

Firstly Congratulations on your engagement!

But before you whip out your Monica style lever arch file and headset, here are my 5 top tips to consider before planning your big day.


The number one thing to consider before you even begin to plan is your budget. Take a minute to sit down and imagine the feelings you will feel the morning after your wedding. If you do not want those feelings over shadowed by anxiety and panic thinking about how much yesterday cost. Then sit down with your partner and settle on a budget. A budget is an ideal way to ensure you do not overspend, and that you can afford everything you need or want for the big day. It’s important to think about where your priorities lie in regards to your budget.


Sit down with your partner and roughly write down who you would like to invite to your big day, you will have a general idea on numbers then you can decide if you need to split the list into day and evening guest. This will make searching for a venue a lot easier.


One of the first things you are going to want to plan is your wedding venue. Popular venues can be fully booked for up to two years in advance, so it’s important that you can be flexible with your chosen dates if you have your heart set on anywhere specific. Even if you have a particular venue in mind go and view as many venues as possible, do not hesitate to ask for recommendations. 


If you’re looking for a bespoke gown, getting your dress made and tailored to fit is likely to take time. All wedding dresses need numerous fittings, and many are tailored to ensure they fit in all the right places. Don’t leave buying a dress to the last minute, you’ll need to give tailors time to work and it would be heart-breaking if you couldn’t find your ideal gown on time. You’ll also need additional time to find the perfect accessories; veil, jewellery and shoes!

Enjoy It

Though wedding planning can be sometimes be stressful and demanding, it is such an exciting time, try not get caught up in the stressful moments and just enjoy yourself. The wedding day itself is over in a split second so make the most of the time leading up to your big day and create some great memories along the way.



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