St Patrick’s Day Wedding 

If you are thinking of planning a St Patrick’s Day Wedding don’t panic, you can have an elegant celebration without a leprechaun or dancing shamrock in sight. A St. Patrick’s Day Wedding is said to give the couple lifelong happiness. Although if you want a St. Patrick’s wedding day you will have to be very quick at booking your wedding day as it’s obviously a hugely popular date.

Keeping it Traditonal

Lucky horseshoe, this should be displayed pointing up to prevent the luck from running out. Many guests give lucky horseshoes to the bride as a keepsake on her wedding day. 

Another tradition is the Magic Hanky, this symbolizes fertility. Traditionally the bride incorporates it into her dress, carries it with the bouquet or carries it in her sleeve. Once the wedding is over, the bride uses the handkerchief to make a christening bonnet for her first-born child.

It is custom that the first person to offer their congratulations to the bride must be a man. It’s very unlucky for a woman to do this so traditionally a male member of the groom’s family will be the first to congratulate the bride and welcome her to the family.

Keeping it Classy 

When it comes to your cake green isn’t the most appetizing of colours and incorporating it into your wedding cake is a challenge.  If your looking for something a little different Gold or Copper embellishments help add a glamorous edge. Still intent on green try adding some herbs or wild flowers to your cake decoration. 

I have pulled together a few of my favourite ideas, must note these are not my own images credits will be at the end of this blog. 

Gold Coin Favors:

Bridesmaid dresses,default,pd.html

WeddingGown: Charlotte Simpson Bridal 2017 

Table Setting:

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