Trending in 2017

We are really in the thick of wedding fairs and shows at the moment, so we thought we would give you a little look at some of the trends for this year.


Bows Bows are undeniably girly and so pretty yet elegant. Rather than over do it maybe go for a bridal gown with just one oversized bow, just like this halzago gown by LA Sposa 


Satin : incorporated with majorly plunging necklines  or shoulder showing designs 2017 brides are making bold, skin baring choices, and the result is elegantly sexy perfect for modern brides looking to make a statement yet keep it simple. This Cheryl Gown by Half Penny London is a perfect example of sheer elegance. 


Bursts of Colour : For the bolder bride, bright colours (whilst off-tradition) are becoming more popular and add a memorable focal point to any theme. A gorgeous example of this is the Apache Gown by Jenny Packham



Donuts : Who doesn’t love a donut? From cakes, dessert tables to favours, it’s easy to include this crowd-pleaser into your big day. 


Gin : Now this could be my favorite trend of all time. If you want to go a step further than DIY gin cocktails you could set up a DIY gin bar so your guests can mix their own gin based drinks. Incorporate Gin in the them by using vintage labels or Gin Inspired Favors. We love the Gin Bar from The Little Gin Company


Seasonal FoodProsecco Vans, Gourmet Coffee Stands, Street Food Stations and even Oyster Bars are becoming more and more popular. Now days we are all a lot more savvy in selecting our food sources, including the season, locality and sustainability. Photo Credit here to Maldon Oysters 

MAldon OystersMAldon Oysters


Gemstones : A relativity new trend with its laid-back yet slightly bohemian look. Think of geodes, raw gems, crystals and rocks. These natural elements will have a truly captivating and my favorite latest wedding trend.


Rustic Chic : A trend that has been around for some time and unlikely to go anywhere any time soon. Think big wooden barn beams, ribbon, decorated chairs, sepia photo shoots, bird cage bouquets. Keep it personal with homemade treats and handmade flower arrangements or cake (if your feeling brave)


Enchantment : Candle lit ceremonies, petal pathways, homemade bouquets, jam jar and lanterns, feather confetti and sheer romance.



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